Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How to check the object existance

Here in the below code, i am checking for an object existence.

    //Max_TimeOut variable holds the time in seconds for the maximum time to wait before the control flows to NoSuchElementException block.
    int Max_TimeOut=60;
    public boolean isObjExists(WebDriver driver,By locator)
        //I am putting the code in try catch because if the object does not exist, it throws exception.
            //Before throwing exception, it will wait for the Max_timeout specified
            WebDriverWait wait=new WebDriverWait(driver,Max_TimeOut);
            //If the element found, then it returns true
            return true;
        catch(NoSuchElementException exception)
            //If the element is not found, then it returns false
            return false;

This function can be invoked in like below:
        By locator=By.name("Email");
        if(obj.isObjExists(driver, locator))
            Reporter.log("Object exists");
            WebElement uNameElement=driver.findElement(locator);
            Reporter.log("Object does not exist");

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